metal slitcoils strapping machines


Have you ever heard this term?

What is strapping?

It is formally the process of using a metal or plastic strap to secure, palletize or bundle products together.


Strapping is used in a variety of industries from shipping large metal or industrial equipment to small parts delivered by traditional e-commerce.

Because of the diversity of the work, there are many grades and types of materials and machines on the market today.


coil strapping machine


timber strapping machine


From many years, we try to preserve most of your product using strapping machines and strapping tools.
That’s why we use three different type of straps: metal, polyester, polipropylene.


different type of strap


The strap is tensioned and welded by strapping head


strapping head


one of the most important part of a strapping machine.

We can propose a wide range of strapping heads, according to the product we have to strap.

Strapping can be done using manual tools, in both pneumatic or battery version.



In both cases, a strap or band is feed around the product and pulled tight.

The sealing method secures the ends of the strap around the product and removes the excess of material.

Our machines are totally customized around your needs.

We care about tailor made projects, with our fully flexible machines:

Some example?


strapping timber machine equipped with polyester strap


strapping machines equipped with steel strap


We operate in many business areas, with our “made in Italy” know-how. More than one hundred different strapping methods, depending on your needs.

The operativity of our machines can range from many applications as:

metal slitcoils strapping machines



panels & timber



strapping machine for glass bottles




paper and cardboard strapping machine







fibers strapping machine




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